Nerfing Ghostcrawler

01 Jun

I can remember the days when I would read with anticipation all the “blue posts” that would make their way to MMO Champion from the Lead Systems Designer of WoW at Blizzard, Ghost Crawler (AKA Greg Street). He would make official forum posts, giving out details and insight into to any patch notes or upcoming buffs/nerfs but also reply to some people’s questions and threads in an informed and often humorous manner.

It would turn out Cataclysm has changed more than Azeroth, it has changed everyone’s favourite Blue Poster too. His posts now are in an infrequent “water cooler” format (in his own terminology), which feature pointless babble lacking any insight, any news and causes more questions than answers as if it was from the set of Lost.

“Water Cooler” – this paints the scene of an office, where people occasionally bunp into each other and make pointless small talk. Here’s an example:

Accountant A goes to water cooler and bumps into Accountant B
“Oh hi, how are you doing?”
“Oh i’m fine, how are you?”
“Yeah I’m good……so, had a good weekend?”
“Yeah, was good to have some time off, saw the family, you know, the usual. You?”
“Yeah, pretty much the same”
“Ok, better get back to my desk, see ya later”

Yup, that’s a water cooler chat. Pointless. Babble. Uninformative. I think they have captured it rather well. Is Ghostcrawler too busy on “other projects” to post as often as he used to? Maybe during the Cataclysm his new Activision overlords have weakened his spirit, weakened his soul…..tamed him.

Maybe you can too.

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