Of Horses and (marks)Men

06 Jun

Last weekend was the Epsom Derby, a day of horse racing, gambling and potentially wearing silly hats. I went down with some friends and it was a good day out. What has this got to do with WoW I hear you ask? Well friends, I was down on the betting coming up to the last race of the day when I saw a horse with odds long enough to take me back into the black for the day called “Blizzard Blues“!

Obviously I had to put some money on the biggest nerd horse of the day, I went “each way” so as long as it came in the top 3 i’d get some money back. It didn’t though. Clearly this is something they should have balanced before hand and it needs a buff! Until that day happens, the horse below will remain my favourite, amazing horse.

Patch 4.2 notes

Not the best news for us unfortunately, it’s a nerf.

This nerf affects all hunter specs that have picked up the “Careful aim” talent in the MM tree but obviously it’s a bigger nerf to MM hunters. When a target was >80% HP our Steady, Cobra and Aimed would get +60% crit. Now it’s only going to be from >90%, so 1/2 as effective. This impact will reduce the damage from the shots (between 80-90%) and also will impact our Piercing Shot bleed

I’m not sure why we’ve got a nerf really, if you look at we’re not exactly miles ahead and fight-by-fight it we just seem to be relatively well balanced, not topping many but equally not being terrible at any, so it seems a bit out of the blue. It’s coming in 4.2, which makes me think (read: hope) that it’s because we scale a bit too well with the newer weapons – and the main beneficiary of this out of the hunter trees would be marksman.

If this is true, then it’s fair enough (I’ll have to assume it is for now) but as usual these days, I don’t think it’s being applied in the best way. To fix a scaling issue, you should adjust some levers that effect the “variable” part of the damage and potentially increase the “constant” so previous tiers are relatively unaffected but the scaling is reduced. This change seems like a knee-jerk reaction and isn’t going to improve things in 4.3 and going forward..

It’s not all bad news though, we get more pets in 4.2! (that was meant to sound 25% sarcastic). I wonder what the unique challenge will be, I hope it’s not just a rare spawn or some that requires immense luck/time.

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