The fall of Nefarian

20 Jun

Nefarian Down (10 man normal)

Well we finally managed it, Nefarian was felled at the hands (and claws) of Aggro My Own Vegetables.

We refined our tactics from the previous night and had Aysen our Frost DK kite/tank the adds in P1 so they were easier to pick up in P3 and it appeared to make all the difference!

But enough of all those “Support Classes” (Non-hunters) – how was it for Valilor?

Well, it went rather well and as you can see from the meter, the damage was good! Phase 1 went as expected, I lagged behind until Nefarian came down and then I popped the old Cool-downs and jumped to the top. Phase 2 was alright, I couldn’t use my pet to attack the add (as he just stands in the fire) so that was a bit of a nerf but then I couldn’t use him for the whole of P2 anyway as a lot of it is DPSing Nefarian. I’m not sure what happened in Phase 3 but I couldn’t call my pet down (and couldn’t Dismiss him as he was out of Line of Sight) so I was without him in probably the phase that was most DPS critical – with the extra movement on a rotating boss, not having my pet (aka a DoT) on the boss meant a DPS loss, I would guesstimate somewhere in the region of 20% with all the movement. The gap between me and Gadhelyn was quickly evaporating on the meters without my faithful pet wolf “Toggle” but he fight ended (with 1 tank in the end!) with me in my rightful place 🙂

Here’s the kill video:

If the above video doesn’t work, try this one (same minus Royksopp):

I mentioned some hunter tips in the previous post I made but here’s a quick recap:

  • Use Aspect of the Wild just before Electrocute hits and then switch back.
  • There isn’t a lot of continuous movement required so time your movement to be during instant shots, negating the need for Aspect of the Fox.
  • You can parachute down at the start of the fight / end of Phase 2.
  • Be ready to use Silencing Shot on the add in P2, especially on the very first interrupt.
  • Switch to Nefarian in Phase 1 as soon as possible (once the tank has aggro) to benefit from more shots in the “Careful Aim” zone – and compound this benefit by holding off on your Cool-Downs until on Nefarian.
  • When switching to Nefarian, he has a very small hit box so get in fairly tight to avoid Onyxia’s tail swipes.
  • Don’t use Rapid Fire in Phase 2 if it comes up (in which case you’re probably a little slow in P1/P2) save it for P3 (preferably don’t stack it with Heroism).
  • Be prepared to use traps / trap launcher when required in Phase 3 as things can get a bit hairy for the add tank.
  • Move your pet to the middle of the platform in P2 OR use the transition to P3 as a time to revive your pet – but be quick about it or Nefarian will kill anyone standing on the pillars!
So next up…..Al’akir but first, Glastonbury Festival!
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