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This is a World of Warcraft blog, focusing on (but not limited to) the art of Hunting. It’s not all tactics and gear talk, expect a bit of everything on here including my usually-misinformed views!


I started playing WoW back in 2007, when I got a shiny new iMac (which I still play WoW on to this very day). Like a lot of hunters out there, I wanted to pick a ranged class that used a Bow – that narrowed it down to 1 class and i’ve been loving it ever since.

At first when I started playing I didn’t do any end game raiding or PvP, I just used to spend my time doing quests and being a social player during TBC. In fact, I was quite proud when I managed to grind enough rep to get the Stalkers Chain set! It’s funny to think back in those days, I didn’t know/care much for stats, it was just a whole co-ordinated set 😀

Back in those days I used to play on The Burning Legion – EU server but it was terrible. There was always a queue to sign in so when WotLK launched, we put out the rubbish, packed our bags, said our goodbyes and left the server for Chromaggus EU. It’s a bit quiet on Alliance side here but there’s no issue over queuing to play the game, so I much prefer it.

I arrived on the Shores of Borean Tundra wearing what can only be described as a dress (the last patch of TBC had spawning mobs dropping Epics that looked stupid) and set about my way to killing the Lich King. I joined in a handful of raids in TBC (Only Kara) so when Naxx came up I was all over that like a Rash. I hadn’t used things like “Recount” or looked much into my stats and hitting “Hit Caps” before so you could say I wasn’t that hot at raiding! I could do the dance though.

It didn’t take too long for me to get more in-depth with hunter gearing and stats, and by the time Uldaur came I was fully knee-deep into theory craft, EJ forums and massive excel models to squeeze out every last bit of DPS I can. I also started running the raids myself and when the GM left AMOV (and WoW) I took the mantle as GM.

Since then we’ve downed all the raid content (on normal mode) and we’ve just got Nefarian and Al’akir to go, which I’m hoping will happen before 4.2 – which is pretty good going for a raid team that is changing from week to week. The only 1 thing you can guarantee in our raids that has been constant since Ulduar is that Your’s Truely will be rocking the top of that recount meter 😀

I also did some blogging back in 2009-2010 but stopped as I didn’t have much time to keep it going but I’ve been itching to get back into it so I thought I’d start a fresh on a fresh site, so welcome!


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