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By popular request*…links to my old blog

*by popular I mean I had 1 request

Ah, memmories..

As mentioned on Wowinsider’s Scattered Shots, this post is a way to easily access the posts from my old blog, without directly re-posting them on here and messing up the chronological order of this site! I’ve put the links below by date (UK date system, so DD-MM-YYYY), with a brief description of what it covers.

16.02.2009  – “First Post!” – My first post
20.02.2009  – “Busy Day!” – OS25/VOA25, AN/DTK/VH (HCs)
25.02.2009  – “When your luck runs out” – UP/HOL (HCs) & Naxx 10
26.02.2009  – “Drakes” – A bit on the Drake Mounts in WotLK
02.03.2009  – “Naxxramas” – Naxx10 with a bit of drama.
08.03.2009  – “Update” – Some random info & screenshots
11.03.2009  – “Hey big spender” – New gear and first guild raid confirmed!
12.03.2009  – “A need for Achievement” – Post on some WotLK HCs and a noob rogue called Deltares identified. Funnily enough, I had completely forgotten about him only for his name to show up again 2 years later! Learning: Never trust a Rogue.
14.03.2009  – “Final Pre Naxx post” – Some funny pics on here, it was a “prep” post for AMOV’s first organised raid (excuse me while I look off into the middle distance and reminisce)
16.03.2009  – “AMOV Special – Naxxramas: Arachnid Quarter” – And so AMOV’s raiding career begins! A good read with funny pics!
19.03.2009  – “AMOV Special – Naxxramas: Plague Quarter” – A continuation on the above and I see my lucky with tier drops still hasn’t changed 2 years later!
20.03.2009  – “AMOV Special – The Construct and Military Quarters” – You can see a big jump in my DPS from an earlier post above on Patchwerk, little did I know how this would put me down a in-depth theory-crafting path in the future.
21.03.2009  – “Not Aged” – A random post
26.03.2009  – “Ulduar Approaching” – My to-do list pre-3.1 and an unpopular poll!
27.03.2009  – “Mini Update” – AN (HC), OS25, OS10, Loot Drama and some random pics and vids!
30.03.2009  – “Sunny Side Up” – Random post
02.04.2009  – “MM Hunter Guide (patch 3.0.8) Part 1: Pets”
07.04.2009  – “Update” – A random Post
07.04.2009  – “New Guildie” – DTK (HC) and Nynth joins AMOV.
12.04.2009  – “AMOV Special – Naxxramas: The Fall of Naxxramas” – AMOV clears it’s first raid.
15.04.2009  – “AMOV Special – Naxxramas: Conclusions” – My learnings from completing our first raid as a guild.
27.04.2009  – “Big update, it’s been 2 weeks” – Lots of random stuff here, screenshots and AMOV got a mention on wowinsider! Where has that guildwatch column gone?
15.05.2009  – “Champions!” – AMOV earns heroes of the frozen wastes and Valilor gets his first taste of Arena (sadly it tasted of my own blood).
20.05.2009  – “Patch 3.1.2” – Patch notes and a hunter buff!
23.05.2009  – “AMOV Special –  Ulduar 10 part 1: The siege of Ulduar” – AMOV tackle their 2nd raid.
02.06.2009  – “Patch 3.1.3” – More hunter buffs.
16.06.2009  – “Quick Update” – I finally get the Envoy of Mortality from  Naxxramas. While it was the previous tier, it was an upgrade over Ulduar 10 drops (iLv 226 vs. iLv219).
01.07.2009  – “Patch notes for 3.2” – My thoughts on the upcoming patch.
17.07.2009  – “Random bits of news” – errr, random bits of news, including Wow armoury iPhone App.
30.08.2009  – “Wow a new post!” – My posting frequency was in a bit of a sharp decline at this point as I had a lot of other things going on. Loads of screenshots, some funny its and some vids
17.11.2009  – “Fully 10 man geared” – From TOC10, I was solidly geared for the first time in any patch. Some other random bits and how’s this for a benchmark from 2009, I hit 7.6k DPS on Koralorn, so in 1 year 8 months later i’m doing about 3x that amount!
31.01.2010  – “Finally!” -2 and a half months since my previous post,this fills in the gap for the events over that period; which is entering ICC, becoming the Guild Master of AMOV salivating over my AoE DPS! It was also my last post on Blogspot…until this site rose like a Phoenix from the flames in May 2011!

Well, I hope there’s something entertaining for you all in that list above and that it’s not just me reading the posts, teary eyed, at times that have past.

And as always, have a nice day!

(Anyone get that quote yet?)


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