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By popular request*…links to my old blog

*by popular I mean I had 1 request

Ah, memmories..

As mentioned on Wowinsider’s Scattered Shots, this post is a way to easily access the posts from my old blog, without directly re-posting them on here and messing up the chronological order of this site! I’ve put the links below by date (UK date system, so DD-MM-YYYY), with a brief description of what it covers.

16.02.2009  – “First Post!” – My first post
20.02.2009  – “Busy Day!” – OS25/VOA25, AN/DTK/VH (HCs)
25.02.2009  – “When your luck runs out” – UP/HOL (HCs) & Naxx 10
26.02.2009  – “Drakes” – A bit on the Drake Mounts in WotLK
02.03.2009  – “Naxxramas” – Naxx10 with a bit of drama.
08.03.2009  – “Update” – Some random info & screenshots
11.03.2009  – “Hey big spender” – New gear and first guild raid confirmed!
12.03.2009  – “A need for Achievement” – Post on some WotLK HCs and a noob rogue called Deltares identified. Funnily enough, I had completely forgotten about him only for his name to show up again 2 years later! Learning: Never trust a Rogue.
14.03.2009  – “Final Pre Naxx post” – Some funny pics on here, it was a “prep” post for AMOV’s first organised raid (excuse me while I look off into the middle distance and reminisce)
16.03.2009  – “AMOV Special – Naxxramas: Arachnid Quarter” – And so AMOV’s raiding career begins! A good read with funny pics!
19.03.2009  – “AMOV Special – Naxxramas: Plague Quarter” – A continuation on the above and I see my lucky with tier drops still hasn’t changed 2 years later!
20.03.2009  – “AMOV Special – The Construct and Military Quarters” – You can see a big jump in my DPS from an earlier post above on Patchwerk, little did I know how this would put me down a in-depth theory-crafting path in the future.
21.03.2009  – “Not Aged” – A random post
26.03.2009  – “Ulduar Approaching” – My to-do list pre-3.1 and an unpopular poll!
27.03.2009  – “Mini Update” – AN (HC), OS25, OS10, Loot Drama and some random pics and vids!
30.03.2009  – “Sunny Side Up” – Random post
02.04.2009  – “MM Hunter Guide (patch 3.0.8) Part 1: Pets”
07.04.2009  – “Update” – A random Post
07.04.2009  – “New Guildie” – DTK (HC) and Nynth joins AMOV.
12.04.2009  – “AMOV Special – Naxxramas: The Fall of Naxxramas” – AMOV clears it’s first raid.
15.04.2009  – “AMOV Special – Naxxramas: Conclusions” – My learnings from completing our first raid as a guild.
27.04.2009  – “Big update, it’s been 2 weeks” – Lots of random stuff here, screenshots and AMOV got a mention on wowinsider! Where has that guildwatch column gone?
15.05.2009  – “Champions!” – AMOV earns heroes of the frozen wastes and Valilor gets his first taste of Arena (sadly it tasted of my own blood).
20.05.2009  – “Patch 3.1.2” – Patch notes and a hunter buff!
23.05.2009  – “AMOV Special –  Ulduar 10 part 1: The siege of Ulduar” – AMOV tackle their 2nd raid.
02.06.2009  – “Patch 3.1.3” – More hunter buffs.
16.06.2009  – “Quick Update” – I finally get the Envoy of Mortality from  Naxxramas. While it was the previous tier, it was an upgrade over Ulduar 10 drops (iLv 226 vs. iLv219).
01.07.2009  – “Patch notes for 3.2” – My thoughts on the upcoming patch.
17.07.2009  – “Random bits of news” – errr, random bits of news, including Wow armoury iPhone App.
30.08.2009  – “Wow a new post!” – My posting frequency was in a bit of a sharp decline at this point as I had a lot of other things going on. Loads of screenshots, some funny its and some vids
17.11.2009  – “Fully 10 man geared” – From TOC10, I was solidly geared for the first time in any patch. Some other random bits and how’s this for a benchmark from 2009, I hit 7.6k DPS on Koralorn, so in 1 year 8 months later i’m doing about 3x that amount!
31.01.2010  – “Finally!” -2 and a half months since my previous post,this fills in the gap for the events over that period; which is entering ICC, becoming the Guild Master of AMOV salivating over my AoE DPS! It was also my last post on Blogspot…until this site rose like a Phoenix from the flames in May 2011!

Well, I hope there’s something entertaining for you all in that list above and that it’s not just me reading the posts, teary eyed, at times that have past.

And as always, have a nice day!

(Anyone get that quote yet?)


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Thank you scattered shots!

(pic from wowinsider)

Earlier today/yesterday (Depends on your time zone) this humble website got mentioned in Scattered Shots on wowinsider…how cool is that!! As you can see from the graph below, that is the biggest spike i’ve ever had here, hopefully some of those people will stick around and not leave me babbling to myself…. 🙂

From the comment on wowinsider, I’ll try and sort out a way to easily go back to my older blog and as well as soring out my next post, which will be on Beth’tilac (probably at the weekend).

So yeah, thanks everyone for visiting, Happy Hunting and here’s an answer to anyone wondering what the best pet is for the DPS….

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“It’s a right PvP mess up, your honour!”

Oh deary me. I’m not sure if you missed it but Blizzard have let the ball drop with the switching of PvP seasons and gear.


Blizzard had stated that when a new patch is released, the current Valour/Conquest gear will become available for Justice/Honour points and a new level of gear will be introduced.

This works well as it means if you’re a raider/PvP person, you won’t need to farm every slot again, you can just use your Justice Points/Honour to fill any gaps you have and focus on the new tier of gear.

This is a sweet deal.

What actually happened

The new patch dropped, both Valour/Conquest items went down to Justice/Honour level and lots of people went and bought up their items as expected. However, Blizzard were about to take a turn for the worst..they introduced a new honour level of gear (iLv 371) superior to the gear people had just bought for honour (iLv 365) – so anyone who had spent their honour innocently on the iLv365 honour gear just got screwed!

I was one of these people. I had about 5000 honour from the 4.2 conversion and used it all on honour gear and then converted all my JP into honour and used all that on gear too…so probably around 8000 on honour overall, quite a bit!

Admitting Fault

To be fair on Blizzard, they did admit fault with this (see link below). I have no idea how something like this got through the net though as it is bleedingly obviously wrong!

You can see the blue post here.

A resolution

Within 2 weeks Blizzard should reimburse anyone negatively impacted by this change with 4000 honour points.

My recommendation

The 4000 points isn’t enough to compensate my 8000 spent but you could argue it means I can use those points to upgrade bits of gear I did previously had, so it’s not that bad at all.

However, how are they going to do this? How can they tell if you are applicable for the 4000 honour? One suggestion going around is to just upgrade everyone’s S9 honour gear to S10. I again have no problem with this, although the 4000 honour would be better.

My personal suggestion would be to get rid of the S10 honour gear (and downgrade anyone who has some to S9 honour). Why? Because then we won’t need to farm for honour every season! This would mirror the PvE (superior) side of things.

Imagine if they did the same to PvE. We would have a new tier (iLv365?) available for Justice Points that would be superior to our raid gear…so we’d all be out farming heroics like crazy to improve our performance, even though there is a new raid available. It would be nonsense!

So in conclusion, it would seem that Blizzard want us to farm for honour every season; Why else would they put a new iLv of honour gear in every season? I think it’s a 2 part answer:

1) They don’t want everyone just sticking to Arena in S10, as the BG experience will be very quiet and frustrating for people experiencing long queue times.

2) With people getting conquest points from Arena, Rated BGs will continue to be a big fail (in terms of popularity). This change will force people into both Rated and Unrated BGs as both can provide honour.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this isn’t the best way to improve BGs popularity, they should take a step back and make BGs and PvP more fun.

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Once more into the fire!

Well 4.2 is here and there’s lots of new stuff to do!

Over at the Warcraft Hunters Union, they have a nice post on all the hunter changes in 4.2. You can read it here:

The main ones that stand out are these:

  • Marksman Nerf – An approx 5% nerf, this is through a reduction on the careful aim talent, boosting crit when the target 90%+ HP (used to be 80%+).
  • Superior Set Bonuses – Our new set bonuses are far superior to T11, so there will probably be no “2T9 2T10” like we had in ICC.
  • More Pets – 10 additional “rare” pets are available, each with a unique way of taming it. These are optional though as they provide no DPS benefit.
  • New pet stance – you can now have the pet on “assist” so they will only attack things that you directly attack (This will pretty much be our default stance).
  • CC no longer pulls aggro – remember how when a Rogue Saps, he doesn’t pull but when we trap we do pull? This will happen no longer! It will make CC much easier to use but will completely de-skill it for PvE (Scatter + Trap Launcher + Trap is still the most difficult to pull off in PvP).
We’re hopefully hitting the new Firelands raid on Sunday, so stay tuned for some first impressions!

Glastonbury Festival

I mentioned it in my last post, but over the last weekend I went to Glastonbury Festival and it’s absolutely amazing! I can’t recommend it highly enough, if you’re able to get to the UK (or if you’re already here) and you like festivals, you must give this a go!

I think this sign I saw on the first day was a pretty big hint I was going to love the festival 🙂

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Of Horses and (marks)Men

Last weekend was the Epsom Derby, a day of horse racing, gambling and potentially wearing silly hats. I went down with some friends and it was a good day out. What has this got to do with WoW I hear you ask? Well friends, I was down on the betting coming up to the last race of the day when I saw a horse with odds long enough to take me back into the black for the day called “Blizzard Blues“!

Obviously I had to put some money on the biggest nerd horse of the day, I went “each way” so as long as it came in the top 3 i’d get some money back. It didn’t though. Clearly this is something they should have balanced before hand and it needs a buff! Until that day happens, the horse below will remain my favourite, amazing horse.

Patch 4.2 notes

Not the best news for us unfortunately, it’s a nerf.

This nerf affects all hunter specs that have picked up the “Careful aim” talent in the MM tree but obviously it’s a bigger nerf to MM hunters. When a target was >80% HP our Steady, Cobra and Aimed would get +60% crit. Now it’s only going to be from >90%, so 1/2 as effective. This impact will reduce the damage from the shots (between 80-90%) and also will impact our Piercing Shot bleed

I’m not sure why we’ve got a nerf really, if you look at we’re not exactly miles ahead and fight-by-fight it we just seem to be relatively well balanced, not topping many but equally not being terrible at any, so it seems a bit out of the blue. It’s coming in 4.2, which makes me think (read: hope) that it’s because we scale a bit too well with the newer weapons – and the main beneficiary of this out of the hunter trees would be marksman.

If this is true, then it’s fair enough (I’ll have to assume it is for now) but as usual these days, I don’t think it’s being applied in the best way. To fix a scaling issue, you should adjust some levers that effect the “variable” part of the damage and potentially increase the “constant” so previous tiers are relatively unaffected but the scaling is reduced. This change seems like a knee-jerk reaction and isn’t going to improve things in 4.3 and going forward..

It’s not all bad news though, we get more pets in 4.2! (that was meant to sound 25% sarcastic). I wonder what the unique challenge will be, I hope it’s not just a rare spawn or some that requires immense luck/time.

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Nerfing Ghostcrawler

I can remember the days when I would read with anticipation all the “blue posts” that would make their way to MMO Champion from the Lead Systems Designer of WoW at Blizzard, Ghost Crawler (AKA Greg Street). He would make official forum posts, giving out details and insight into to any patch notes or upcoming buffs/nerfs but also reply to some people’s questions and threads in an informed and often humorous manner.

It would turn out Cataclysm has changed more than Azeroth, it has changed everyone’s favourite Blue Poster too. His posts now are in an infrequent “water cooler” format (in his own terminology), which feature pointless babble lacking any insight, any news and causes more questions than answers as if it was from the set of Lost.

“Water Cooler” – this paints the scene of an office, where people occasionally bunp into each other and make pointless small talk. Here’s an example:

Accountant A goes to water cooler and bumps into Accountant B
“Oh hi, how are you doing?”
“Oh i’m fine, how are you?”
“Yeah I’m good……so, had a good weekend?”
“Yeah, was good to have some time off, saw the family, you know, the usual. You?”
“Yeah, pretty much the same”
“Ok, better get back to my desk, see ya later”

Yup, that’s a water cooler chat. Pointless. Babble. Uninformative. I think they have captured it rather well. Is Ghostcrawler too busy on “other projects” to post as often as he used to? Maybe during the Cataclysm his new Activision overlords have weakened his spirit, weakened his soul…..tamed him.

Maybe you can too.

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A new home

January 31st, 2010, do you remember that date? No, neither do I…that was the date of my last blog post!

Nearly a year and a half ago,  I took a break from blogging as I didn’t really have time for it but I quite fancy getting back into it a little so I thought why the heck not!

As you can probably tell from the picture, quite a lot has changed, Valilor’s own personal Cataclysm! I’m still the GM of AMOV and DPSing my way through raid boss after raid boss but what’s all this hair I hear you ask? Well, it turns out I’ve forsaken by shoulder-rolling Night Elf form and have become a Worgen! Quite how this has happened I’ll leave it to you guys to make up some Lore (Post below!) but I’m currently enjoying the 1% extra crit and speed boost through Dark Flight more than the….erm….yeah nothing from a Night Elf.

Another big change is this blog itself. I though a fresh start would be good and I’ve moved to Word Press, which appears to be what everyone else is using these days. You can still access my old blog, it’s good to reminisce sometimes 🙂

Stay posted for more blog updates as I try to get my head around this site, I’ll figure it a better place to post this but also feel free to follow me on Twitter @valilor!


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