Warcraft Hunters Union – The place to go for hunter guides, specs and news, run by Frostheim, the Dwarf.

WoW Hunters Hall – You one-stop-shop for all Hunter info. News from all hunter sites are consolidated and posted on this website, so if you’re up to date on here, you’re not missing anything!

Petopia – The answer to all your Pet questions

Best pet for the DPS – answers that specific question

OutDPS – The site seems to have turned into mainly a podcasting thing now but I did used to enjoy the specific boss fight hunter strats.

Female Dwarf – I wouldn’t be 1/2 the man (Worgen) I am without this site!

Wow Insider – A blog for all thing WoW and features Frostheim as the hunter blogger. You can get most hunter news from the WHU but I do like the bits on WoW Lore you get here, as I haven’t read all the books.

MMO Champion – This is the best place to check for the very latest news, blue posts and patch notes. One of my daily reads.


Teh Gladiators – The adventures of an Arena team, you need to read from episode 1!

Dark Legacy Comics  – Quite entertaining comic sketches.

Looking For Group – I loved this at the start but the later ones are a bit slower. Will want to make everyone roll a Lock!

I want to slaughter the world! – A music video for the LFG comic – it’s great! “You’ve nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, your village will burn like the heart of the sun. With infinite glee, it’s going to be me, that slaughters the world!!”

Questionable Content – Not a WoW comic but it is my favourite one. You need to start at the beginning and don’t worry, the music reference start to die off as you get further through!

Other Bits

Aggro My Own Vegetables – My Guild. Follow the link to find out more about us and even apply possibly apply!

@Valilor – My Twitter Page (it’s a bit quiet lately I know!)

Elitist Jerks – I can’t really not give a link to this site. I would only recommend it to the people that want to get “Stuck into the details” as you’ll find the WHU will cover 99% of your questions in a much easier to follow way.


2 responses to “Links

  1. Frostheim

    July 31, 2011 at 3:47 pm

    Any chance of getting a link to WoW Hunters Hall on here?


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