The fall of Nefarian

Nefarian Down (10 man normal)

Well we finally managed it, Nefarian was felled at the hands (and claws) of Aggro My Own Vegetables.

We refined our tactics from the previous night and had Aysen our Frost DK kite/tank the adds in P1 so they were easier to pick up in P3 and it appeared to make all the difference!

But enough of all those “Support Classes” (Non-hunters) – how was it for Valilor?

Well, it went rather well and as you can see from the meter, the damage was good! Phase 1 went as expected, I lagged behind until Nefarian came down and then I popped the old Cool-downs and jumped to the top. Phase 2 was alright, I couldn’t use my pet to attack the add (as he just stands in the fire) so that was a bit of a nerf but then I couldn’t use him for the whole of P2 anyway as a lot of it is DPSing Nefarian. I’m not sure what happened in Phase 3 but I couldn’t call my pet down (and couldn’t Dismiss him as he was out of Line of Sight) so I was without him in probably the phase that was most DPS critical – with the extra movement on a rotating boss, not having my pet (aka a DoT) on the boss meant a DPS loss, I would guesstimate somewhere in the region of 20% with all the movement. The gap between me and Gadhelyn was quickly evaporating on the meters without my faithful pet wolf “Toggle” but he fight ended (with 1 tank in the end!) with me in my rightful place 🙂

Here’s the kill video:

If the above video doesn’t work, try this one (same minus Royksopp):

I mentioned some hunter tips in the previous post I made but here’s a quick recap:

  • Use Aspect of the Wild just before Electrocute hits and then switch back.
  • There isn’t a lot of continuous movement required so time your movement to be during instant shots, negating the need for Aspect of the Fox.
  • You can parachute down at the start of the fight / end of Phase 2.
  • Be ready to use Silencing Shot on the add in P2, especially on the very first interrupt.
  • Switch to Nefarian in Phase 1 as soon as possible (once the tank has aggro) to benefit from more shots in the “Careful Aim” zone – and compound this benefit by holding off on your Cool-Downs until on Nefarian.
  • When switching to Nefarian, he has a very small hit box so get in fairly tight to avoid Onyxia’s tail swipes.
  • Don’t use Rapid Fire in Phase 2 if it comes up (in which case you’re probably a little slow in P1/P2) save it for P3 (preferably don’t stack it with Heroism).
  • Be prepared to use traps / trap launcher when required in Phase 3 as things can get a bit hairy for the add tank.
  • Move your pet to the middle of the platform in P2 OR use the transition to P3 as a time to revive your pet – but be quick about it or Nefarian will kill anyone standing on the pillars!
So next up…..Al’akir but first, Glastonbury Festival!
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Nefarian 10 Man Progression

Nefarian is the final boss of 10 man normal Blackwing Decent and is the hardest boss we’ve come across in cataclysm so far (we haven’t tried Al’Akir yet so I can’t say he is the hardest).

We’ve been trying Nefarian for about 3 nights now (2 hours per night ish) and the best we’ve done is to get him down to 20%. Phase 3 seems to be our problem but we’ve got some fresh ideas to try out tomorrow, which will hopefully be enough to down him!

I’m not 100% sure what the optimal tactics are for this fight but here’s my run down as a hunter:

Phase 1:

Once Onyxia is placed by the tank, open fire! Don’t blow your CDs, just nuke until Nefarian comes down. When Nefarian lands, send your pet in on him (reduced travel time as he is in the middle of the room at this point and your pet won’t pull aggro) and continue nuking Onyxia but be aware of the adds spawning around you.

Depending on your set up, you’ll probably be one of the ones who needs to CC an add. I worked with our priests and between 2 shackles, roots and an Ice Trap, we left only a couple adds free who were kited between the DPS.

As soon as the adds run out of energy (fall down) switch to Nefarian and blow your CDs – nuke him to the ground! You should be able to get a full double rapid fire in here with the use of a readiness. Make sure you’re listening out to your healers / raid leader as you’ll want to make sure you don’t push Nefarian into the next crackle before everyone is healed up.

Other than that, wait for the call that Onyxia is about to die (you might need to help out with killing her) and then get to your appointed pillar to start phase 2.

Phase 2

As the lava comes up, hold space bar so you swim to the surface and then spam it so you jump up onto the platform. I think a reasonable aim is to get up with 3 stacks of the lava debuff and you gain stacks based on how long you are in the lava (more stacks = bigger ticks from the lava debuff). Hopefully you will be topped up on HP before this phase or the following can happen:

As you get up on the pillar, try to interrupt the add’s cast as this is the most likely one to be missed by the melee/tank. If you’re MM you’ll have a 20sec CD on silencing shot, at which point you can interrupt every other cast but SV/BM will have to ignore this. Interrupting isn’t our job here so just make sure the add dies fast and then switch to DPSing Nefarian (and watch the Rogues just stand there wishing they were hunters) but make sure you’re listening to your raid leader to manage Nefarian’s health as you don’t want another uncalled for crackle.

Phase 3

Keep out of the fire and nuke Nefarian. If you used your CDs correctly in P1, they should be off CD now so you can use them again 🙂 I’m not sure about SV/BM but as MM you’ll more than likely get heroism around this point, try not to stack it with your CDs. Hopefully This will kill Nef!


Remember that other aspect we have, Aspect of the Wild, well on Nefarian it actually comes in use! Make sure you have it activated for all of the Electrocutes, as it will resist 10k+ damage per character that is within 30 yards of you. This doesn’t stack with the Shaman’s Nature resist but there is no guarantee that their will be a shaman or that their totem will be in range. Just make sure you swap back to Aspect of the Dragon Hawk straight after crackle as you don’t want to be losing DPS, no sir!

During Phase 1, if you’re trying to get the attention of an add, be careful what you hit him with. If you hit him with Chimera, Aimed or Steadyshot, you’ll have a chance of putting a DoT on them and making them untrappable. The odds of this happening are raised they will more than likely be above 80% HP and in Careful Aim range. I would recommend just using Arcane Shot and Distracting shot to get this job done – it should be enough if they aren’t being hit by a tank!

When on a pillar in Phase 2, don’t have your pet attack the add, as he’ll stand in the lava to do so (and will die). It’s a DPS loss but with the new manual positioning ability in cataclysm, stick him/her on “passive” and move him to the middle of the platform. You’ll need his DPS more in P3 and you don’t want to wait around casting “raise pet”. If he does die in P2, use the transition to P3 to cast that ability, it might just fit in.

I’ll give an update once we get him down if I can refine the hunter strat anymore (our upcoming new ideas will involve trapping adds on the edge of the arena or in the centre) but until then, wish us luck……hic!

Our best attempt so far (20% wipe)

A 25% wipe on the following day


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I spoke too soon! (4.2 hunter update)

One of the dangers of commenting on data-mined patch notes is that they can be incomplete.

Fresh from MMO-Champion are some more patch notes, which still include the careful aim nerf but also includes a buff to Marksman’s mastery. There’s also a buff to Survival Hunters as Black Arrows gets a bit of a buff (as it was overly nerfed before).

So what does this mean? It means Marksmen Hunters will benefit more from Mastery (often our worst secondary stat) than we currently do. I’m not sure how this compares to the nerf to Careful Aim but hopefully it’ll work out at least the same as where we are today. I guess if the buff balances out the nerf, then you could argue it’s better as it will be more useful against things that don’t spend a lot of time over 80%.

*Update* According to WHU this is just an update to the tooltip to a mastery change made in 4.0.6, so unfortunately that means there is no buff to offset MM’s nerf on Careful Aim.

SV got a big nerf to Explosive Shot and Black Arrow a few months ago, this should go some way to fixing that but again, will have to wait and see.

One thing is for sure, the new tier bonuses are a lot better in T12 than T11, so we could see a nice little benefit there too (for those than can get it!)


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Of Horses and (marks)Men

Last weekend was the Epsom Derby, a day of horse racing, gambling and potentially wearing silly hats. I went down with some friends and it was a good day out. What has this got to do with WoW I hear you ask? Well friends, I was down on the betting coming up to the last race of the day when I saw a horse with odds long enough to take me back into the black for the day called “Blizzard Blues“!

Obviously I had to put some money on the biggest nerd horse of the day, I went “each way” so as long as it came in the top 3 i’d get some money back. It didn’t though. Clearly this is something they should have balanced before hand and it needs a buff! Until that day happens, the horse below will remain my favourite, amazing horse.

Patch 4.2 notes

Not the best news for us unfortunately, it’s a nerf.

This nerf affects all hunter specs that have picked up the “Careful aim” talent in the MM tree but obviously it’s a bigger nerf to MM hunters. When a target was >80% HP our Steady, Cobra and Aimed would get +60% crit. Now it’s only going to be from >90%, so 1/2 as effective. This impact will reduce the damage from the shots (between 80-90%) and also will impact our Piercing Shot bleed

I’m not sure why we’ve got a nerf really, if you look at we’re not exactly miles ahead and fight-by-fight it we just seem to be relatively well balanced, not topping many but equally not being terrible at any, so it seems a bit out of the blue. It’s coming in 4.2, which makes me think (read: hope) that it’s because we scale a bit too well with the newer weapons – and the main beneficiary of this out of the hunter trees would be marksman.

If this is true, then it’s fair enough (I’ll have to assume it is for now) but as usual these days, I don’t think it’s being applied in the best way. To fix a scaling issue, you should adjust some levers that effect the “variable” part of the damage and potentially increase the “constant” so previous tiers are relatively unaffected but the scaling is reduced. This change seems like a knee-jerk reaction and isn’t going to improve things in 4.3 and going forward..

It’s not all bad news though, we get more pets in 4.2! (that was meant to sound 25% sarcastic). I wonder what the unique challenge will be, I hope it’s not just a rare spawn or some that requires immense luck/time.

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Nerfing Ghostcrawler

I can remember the days when I would read with anticipation all the “blue posts” that would make their way to MMO Champion from the Lead Systems Designer of WoW at Blizzard, Ghost Crawler (AKA Greg Street). He would make official forum posts, giving out details and insight into to any patch notes or upcoming buffs/nerfs but also reply to some people’s questions and threads in an informed and often humorous manner.

It would turn out Cataclysm has changed more than Azeroth, it has changed everyone’s favourite Blue Poster too. His posts now are in an infrequent “water cooler” format (in his own terminology), which feature pointless babble lacking any insight, any news and causes more questions than answers as if it was from the set of Lost.

“Water Cooler” – this paints the scene of an office, where people occasionally bunp into each other and make pointless small talk. Here’s an example:

Accountant A goes to water cooler and bumps into Accountant B
“Oh hi, how are you doing?”
“Oh i’m fine, how are you?”
“Yeah I’m good……so, had a good weekend?”
“Yeah, was good to have some time off, saw the family, you know, the usual. You?”
“Yeah, pretty much the same”
“Ok, better get back to my desk, see ya later”

Yup, that’s a water cooler chat. Pointless. Babble. Uninformative. I think they have captured it rather well. Is Ghostcrawler too busy on “other projects” to post as often as he used to? Maybe during the Cataclysm his new Activision overlords have weakened his spirit, weakened his soul…..tamed him.

Maybe you can too.

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I hate Archeology


If only they had a very cunning plan……
One of the new things in Cataclysm was a new secondary profession – Archeology.
The way to level this up is to fly around from zone to zone (often quite far apart, good luck if you don’t have a flying mount) and do a little digging here and there to get your 3 pieces before moving on. At first it was quite similar to a gathering profession, as you dug you gained levels but instead of going to a zone to level say 50 levels like you can with the other gathering profession, you need to keep moving zones, which makes it a lot more painful.

But then it gets worse.

I’m not sure when it happened (maybe skill level 50) but you stop levelling up through digging. Now you have to complete a few dig sites to level gain enough items to effectively “prospect” and gain 1 level. So let me recap, you could fly to STV and then Athari Highlands, prospecting 3 times in each and still not have enough items to level up 1 skill point.

I think Blizzard are well aware that this has made for an unpopular profession; you can see this by the way they are shoehorning it in by retrospectively adding new quests to the heroics and unlock-able bosses in ZA/ZG just so some Blizzard coder can reach one of his objectives for the year.
I’m just glad that there is no decent hunter loot available from this profession as it would pain me to have to grind this for some more DPS in raiding and I do wonder just what the people are like that have maxed this skill out!

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d say this: “I’d rather go level up fishing”.


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A new home

January 31st, 2010, do you remember that date? No, neither do I…that was the date of my last blog post!

Nearly a year and a half ago,  I took a break from blogging as I didn’t really have time for it but I quite fancy getting back into it a little so I thought why the heck not!

As you can probably tell from the picture, quite a lot has changed, Valilor’s own personal Cataclysm! I’m still the GM of AMOV and DPSing my way through raid boss after raid boss but what’s all this hair I hear you ask? Well, it turns out I’ve forsaken by shoulder-rolling Night Elf form and have become a Worgen! Quite how this has happened I’ll leave it to you guys to make up some Lore (Post below!) but I’m currently enjoying the 1% extra crit and speed boost through Dark Flight more than the….erm….yeah nothing from a Night Elf.

Another big change is this blog itself. I though a fresh start would be good and I’ve moved to Word Press, which appears to be what everyone else is using these days. You can still access my old blog, it’s good to reminisce sometimes 🙂

Stay posted for more blog updates as I try to get my head around this site, I’ll figure it a better place to post this but also feel free to follow me on Twitter @valilor!


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