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I hate Archeology


If only they had a very cunning plan……
One of the new things in Cataclysm was a new secondary profession – Archeology.
The way to level this up is to fly around from zone to zone (often quite far apart, good luck if you don’t have a flying mount) and do a little digging here and there to get your 3 pieces before moving on. At first it was quite similar to a gathering profession, as you dug you gained levels but instead of going to a zone to level say 50 levels like you can with the other gathering profession, you need to keep moving zones, which makes it a lot more painful.

But then it gets worse.

I’m not sure when it happened (maybe skill level 50) but you stop levelling up through digging. Now you have to complete a few dig sites to level gain enough items to effectively “prospect” and gain 1 level. So let me recap, you could fly to STV and then Athari Highlands, prospecting 3 times in each and still not have enough items to level up 1 skill point.

I think Blizzard are well aware that this has made for an unpopular profession; you can see this by the way they are shoehorning it in by retrospectively adding new quests to the heroics and unlock-able bosses in ZA/ZG just so some Blizzard coder can reach one of his objectives for the year.
I’m just glad that there is no decent hunter loot available from this profession as it would pain me to have to grind this for some more DPS in raiding and I do wonder just what the people are like that have maxed this skill out!

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d say this: “I’d rather go level up fishing”.


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